Truesharing Café

Welcome to the TrueSharing Café

Our newest store is HERE!
Adalbertstraße 36 - Berlin
We are excited to announce the opening of our new branch at Adalbertstraße 36.
Join us for our GRAND OPENING (First week of March 2020)
For more information please call 017628580773.

Good coffee, delectable treats, and an absolutely truly relaxed atmosphere await. These humble premises are a place for get togethers; for the exchanging of ideas and the hosting of events. But, even more important than that, they are the realization of an intention - a vision of happy employees and a fairer society.
TrueSharing is an alternative way of doing business brought to life for the first time through the TrueSharing Café.
The concept is simple: three parties share the revenues.

We believe this model to be the perfect balance of sustainable business, satisfied employees, and giving back to society. Our conviction in our idea has us working steadily to improve the Café, determined as we are to make it a shining example of the TrueSharing concept.
Curious to learn more? Then come visit us in the café. The door is open (at least, it is during opening hours!), and we are looking forward to meeting you!
You may also check out our organization TrueSharing.